Yesterday, I cleaned out and organized my filing cabinet. Since I won’t be teaching 9th or 10th grade again next year, everything got organized into plastic storage bins designed to hold hanging files. It was pretty exciting…and also a bit intimidating to think about all of the stuff I have for these two classes…and how little I have for Brit Lit right now. Then I remember that I started the year with nothing, and it makes me feel a little better 🙂 I’m so excited about next year!!

The best of today was listening to my 7th period students share their letters to our class. The final piece of their 9th grade lit/comp grade puzzle was to write a letter to the class, and they were great. They really took it all seriously, and their growth as students and young adults was obvious. I am even more in love with my job than ever.

One final down; four to go.


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