I actually have two bests today 🙂

The best of today during school was 7th period. Back in September, I never would have thought that those words could come out of my mouth…er…keypad, but we had fun today. There was a funny moment when a student was sharing her book title, which had a very strong alternative meaning that just made everyone laugh, including me. There are times when I laugh at silly things just because I’m so tired that I can’t help it…or because I spend all day with 15-year-olds, so fart jokes are somehow hilarious to me now. Nevertheless, I love it, and I loved 7th period today. Plus, I heard one of my kids say, “I love how our teacher can get on our level…” Now, depending on the context and reason for that quote, it has the potential to be problematic, but in this situation, it was a compliment to me. I can get on their level and make it possible for authentic communication to occur. I’m still their authority, and they know that, but they can respect that I’m willing to sit with them and talk with them instead of over them.

The best of today after school was the Drama Awards Show. I presented two awards: Best Dancer and Most Improved Thespian, and my speeches were awesome. Haha. I’m pretty modest about most things, but I give some really good speeches. They also surprised me with recognition for Excellence in Choreography, and their applause completely made my day 🙂 Plus, it’s kind of a big deal, so I got dressed up fancy and fixed my hair, which is always fun 🙂


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