I don’t mind Mondays.  They’re the beginning of the workweek, and I love beginnings 🙂  Today was no different.  It wasn’t bad at all.  And I have an all-day professional development thing going on tomorrow, so I’ll be hanging out with my English co-workers…we’ll definitely have some boring moments, but I think it’ll be nice to get to sit with all of them while we watch some riveting videos about the new Common Core Standards that are making their way to Georgia.

The best of today was reading Hamlet with my sophomores.  They hate it a little bit, but it’s fun to read with them.  They wanted to assign parts, so everyone with a speaking part sits up front, and we read.  I am convinced that they’ll end up liking it…at least they’ll probably like it when I show the movie.  Ha 🙂


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