Wednesday. Hump day!! I was exhausted all day today. I slept SO hard last night, and my alarm this morning went off in the middle of a dream, which always throws me off. We also had a faculty meeting, which meant that my day really officially started at 7:30, and one of my co-workers had a meeting, so I covered her class during my planning. It wasn’t bad, but it made for a busy, tiring day.

The best of today was going to the gym this afternoon. I love the gym. For me, it’s the best place to just de-stress. I get to just hang out and do my thing…and I’ve got a lot of MJ on my iPod shuffle, so it’s always fun for me. Sometimes, I have to keep myself from dancing while I’m in the elliptical 🙂 Plus, my trainer told me that I was looking good, so that always helps. Haha.


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