First day back from Spring Break. It was pretty good. I even called a parent to bag on his son. It’s been really cool during the last several weeks to watch this kid focus and really make a turn around, and I wanted to let his dad know how impressed I’ve been. It was great 🙂

The best of today was that as an introduction to Hamlet, my 10th graders and I went through the advice that Polonius gives to his son Laertes. It’s a great passage, and it was fun to go through…even though the Shakespearean style blew their minds. I then had them write advice either to incoming freshmen or to my future students, and there were two common themes in the advice that focused on me: Don’t try and whisper because Ms. Frisbee always hears you no matter how quiet you think you are (I’m proud of this one!!). Don’t get on her bad side (I find this hilarious). It was fun…and I may pass along their advice 🙂


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