Dang it!  I forgot yesterday!  Oh well.  It can kind of get rolled in with today’s post, but I’m just sad that I forgot about it.  I was so tired yesterday, though.

The best of today is that I’m trying something new this week with all of my classes called “Writing Workshop,” where we spend all week talking about their most recent papers.  I meet with each student one-on-one, and while I’m not meeting with them, the students have other assignments to work on.  I’m LOVING it.  It’s definitely made my day completely exhausting because I’m focusing on grading papers for 55 solid minutes per class period, but I don’t have to bring any papers home to grade, which is amazing.  Bringing papers home to grade would definitely be the biggest drawback to becoming an English teacher, so finding a way to work that into the day has been awesome.  Exhausting, but awesome.


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