I love today’s date 🙂

The best of today was carrying on a tradition with my Lovey.  Every November 1 since (I’m thinking) 2005, the two of us have gotten together to listen to Christmas music for the first time of the season.  We have so many traditions together, and I love this one.  There are few who truly appreciate Christmas music, and I know there are a lot of haters and “you-shouldn’t-listen-to-Chrismas-music-until-Thanksgiving!”ers, but whatever floats your boat is fine with you.  My November 1 Christmas music date with my bff floats mine.  I do, however, save the Christmas movies until Thanksgiving.  And oh, man.  I love me some Christmas movies.  I’m excited right now just thinking about it!

“It was…soap poisoning!!”

“You smell like beef and cheese.  You don’t smell like Santa.”

“Is this toothbrush approved by the American Dental Association?”

Just to quote a few 🙂


One response to “11.01.2011

  1. LOVE it. 🙂 our trads are the bomb.

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