Today was wonderful.  I woke up, and my mom had baked cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  We lounged around by the fire.  I cleaned my room and bathroom, and I’m talking seriously cleaned – dusted, scrubbed, vacuumed, etc..  My dad got home from his “camping” trip (that’s in quotes because they had satellite TV, so yeah…I don’t really consider that camping).  THE FALCONS WON!!

The best of today, however, was the pilot episode of Once Upon A Time.  Being a HUGE fan of LOST, I have been counting down until the premier of this show, and it didn’t disappoint.  Not only was it completely riveting (as in I lamented when I noticed that we only had 10 minutes left in the show), but also, it was full of little gems of LOST treasure.  It’s not that to enjoy the show you have to have enjoyed LOST, but there are just little gifts here and there for the fans.  As a friend of mine said tonight, they know we’re desperate.  I can’t wait for next week…I may just watch the pilot again 🙂


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