Monday.  Definitely not the best day of the week, but I get to wear jeans on Mondays (I had to pay for it), so they aren’t all bad 🙂

The best of today was taking some new stuff into my classroom and finally feeling better about being more organized.  I made a “9” and “10” out of some fabric, laminated them (with some help from my favorite elementary school teacher bff Leanna), attached magnets and now have one white board dedicated to 9th grade and one to 10th.  They also have each day of the week magnetized to the board as well…in my favorite typewriter font, of course 🙂  I also made a banner last night to hang on my bulletin board so that it’s a little less blah, and I love it 🙂  Now, I’ve just got to hang some papers up on there…after I grade them 🙂  I took one of our old kitchen stools in today too so that I have somewhere to sit that’s not behind my desk.  Tomorrow, I’m taking in five crates (to collect/compile writing assignments in), and I think that might complete the move in.  Whew.  I’m ready to feel all there.


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