I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since we were attacked.  It’s funny how much has changed since then…and how much hasn’t.  I can remember that day like it was just last week.  I remember in 12h grade, we had to take the practice SAT when they were thinking about adding the writing component, and the question was “If you could go back in history and change anything, what would you change and why?”  Of course, the gimme answer was that you would go back and change what happened on September 11, 2001, but I wrote about how instead of changing it, I would go back to the days following the attacks when our nationalism and unity was so strong.  We were truly together.  Today, I wept for those whose lives were taken as well as for those who lost loved ones.  And I prayed for all whose hearts were forever damaged by that loss.  And I prayed that we would remember what it was like in those days and months immediately following the attack that shook our solid ground and brought us to our knees when we were bound together again.  One nation under God.  Indivisible.

The best of today is that good always triumphs over evil.  We have remembered, and we have rebuilt and recovered.  And we will continue to do so.


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