I played “American Pie” on the guitar earlier (as in 6ish hours ago), and my fingers are still hurting as I type this.

Today was a pretty weird day for me.  I was so glad that it was Friday, but there were just a few things that happened throughout the day that were weird.

I saw one of my girls from last year for the first time today, and she screamed, jumped up out of her seat, ran to me and hugged me…twice!  I guess she was excited.  And I was definitely excited to see her.  I miss that class so much.  I’ll always consider them my first students.

The best of today was sharing logos in all of my classes.  Although there were some obnoxious moments, there was one that was so sweet in first period.  One of my students forgot her logo and writing, but wanted to share with everyone what it was and why it was important to her, which was fine with me.  I love participation.  She started talking about how her logo is a necklace that her mom gave her, but that she accidentally broke at one point.  She still has the charm, and she’s planning on getting a new chain, and as she’s talking about this charm from her mom and how much she treasures it, she started to cry.  And this is a girl that likes to keep up appearances.  She apologized over and over and over, and each time I told her that she shouldn’t apologize for that.  She came back two class periods later with a drawing and a writing and a hug.  It was definitely a good way to end my first week 🙂


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