I am exhausted.  I’ve been on autopilot all day, it seems.  I’m typing this in my bed, and as soon as I hit “Publish,” I’m hitting the sack.

In my 10th grade class today, I copied guided notes for the students and borrowed a great PowerPoint from another teacher about persuasive writing and rhetorical strategies.  I got the notes passed out and the PowerPoint ready to go only to find out that they already did this last week.  Crap.  Think fast.  Good thing you already copied the activity that you were planning for Friday.  Even though you haven’t gone over it at all.

So that was fun.

The best of today, though, was a question I got in one of my classes.  In 9th grade, we talked about symbolism today and started reading the book Speak.  In one scene, the main character gets hit with the wrapper for a Ho-Ho, which prompted this: “So do you think that the Ho-Ho is symbolic…?  Like maybe she’s a…ho?”  I said something like, “Well, no, I don’t think so…but I guess we’ll find out.”  And I also cracked up.  The end.


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