I went in to get a routine oil change today and found out that my car was 2,000 miles overdue for a major tune up (or whatever), so that was extra.  And I need new tires.  Goody.  You know that phrase when it rains, it pours?  Today, I believe that.  So now, I need to bite the bullet and find a non-teaching job, I guess.  I mean, I can’t just drive around with no tires.

The best of today was my lunch: a tomato sandwich made with a tomato straight from our garden between two slices of my mom’s homemade bread.  And a little Duke’s mayonnaise.  A tomato sandwich is literally the only time I will ever willingly eat mayo on anything.  I don’t mind it in some things (like cole slaw), but I do not want it on a sandwich unless it’s just a tomato sandwich, plain and simple.  And even then, it’s about the thinnest coating of mayo ever.  But the mayo makes it perfect, and today, my sandwich was perfect 🙂


One response to “08.09.2011

  1. no homemade mayo? slacker!

    just kidding, i don’t even like tomato sandwiches.

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