Today I was suffering from a productivity hangover, I think.  I just couldn’t get focused today…well, not as focused as yesterday at least.  I got some reading done today in Columbine, which is a very intriguing, well-crafted book, but because of the subject matter, I only really let myself read it in the mornings.  I just dream too often to read that so close to bedtime.

The best of today was checking out five books from the library for a project that I have due this week.  I looked in the suggested reading for a chapter in my text book, and our library had most of the books suggested, which saved me a TON of presearch (that’s what I call the time you spend trying to actually find the sources that you want to actually read and evaluate).  I also got a few parts of the project typed up, so now I can really spend time focusing on those sources and the review of literature that I have to write.  The light’s getting brighter day by day!


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