I didn’t go to sleep last night until after 3:00.  I think my adrenaline was just pumping so much during the last 100-200 pages that it took me a while to come back down.  It was definitely worth it, though.  Not to mention I didn’t get out of bed until after 10:30.

The best of today is how much I’ve gotten crossed off of my to-do list.  I haven’t left my apartment all day, but instead, I woke up determined to get some work done.  I got a lot of the “little” work done that I needed to do, so tomorrow, I’ll basically work all day on a big project that I have due next week.  I knew that if I had other things on my list to do, I would probably choose those and procrastinate the project, so I tried to make myself get them all done today.  Tomorrow is going to be exhausting, but I’m almost through.  I can see the light at the end of this MAT tunnel.  And it is really bright and looking good.


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