Today was definitely Friday.  Everything was wonderful at school and after school as well.  I have a very strong conviction about how important it is for my students to see what’s going on in the world.  I feel like it’s the job of education to produce productive, contributing citizens, and having an awareness of world events is part of that in my opinion.  Today, we did some school, but we also watched the coverage of the disaster in Japan, and I think that was important.  They should see outside the high school bubble.

The best of today was traveling to Borders in Buckhead with two of my favorite people to meet Ree Drummond, who happens to be another of my favorite people 🙂  I’m a big follower of hers, and I was so excited to meet her.  She told me that my hair is pretty, so we’re basically best friends for life now 🙂  Also, her sons and I had some deep conversation about the new episodes of Dragon Ball Z, so we’re basically best friends too 🙂


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