I was on my own again today…oh no.  I feel a Broadway song rising up.  On my own, pretending he’s beside me…okay.  I’m back.  And if you don’t know what musical that’s from, then you need to Google it and listen to the soundtrack 🙂  Although it wasn’t planned for me to be all alone (I walk with him ’til morning), on the days when I end up as the number one in the classroom, I am just reassured that I can do this.  I can stand up every day in front of 30 teenagers.  I can teach.

The best of today was meeting up with my brother and his friends for trivia night.  I love trivia, and playing with them is so much fun.  Of course we never win first place because there are some serious “trivia is my life” people out there, but it’s fun anyway 🙂


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