Monday (n):  The day of the week before Tuesday and following Sunday.

That is exactly how the dictionary on my dashboard defines Monday.  I would say that that doesn’t really encompass the true definition of what Monday is.

My definition of Monday would include rolling out of bed and sleepwalking to the shower after my alarm goes off, forcing my eyes to open because at some point, I have to put contacts into them.  It would say something about my reliance on coffee, my need for the reassuring beverage that helps me start my day.  It would need to mention class after class after class of high school students that have just gotten back from a weekend or week-long break and are still mentally there.  And, of course, it would include something about getting myself mentally and physically prepared to do it all again the next day, the next day, the next day and the next.  What would your definition include?

The best of today was when my brother sent me a video of himself flipping an omelet 🙂  I love what we have.  The bond that I have with my brother is something that I do not take for granted.  There’s something about the connection that you have with someone that you’ve known all of their life.  Someone who has literally seen you at your worst and who loves you forever and always.  Someone who you love forever and always.

I also have to admit that what made the video even better was when two of my friends told me how jealous they were of my relationship with my brother, and honestly, I would be jealous too 🙂  I have the best.


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