From start to finish, this day was brilliant.

I woke up without an alarm this morning.  Made homemade biscuits.  Enjoyed one and a half cups of coffee.  Opened the window and breathed in the cool, crisp air.  I love the cold, fresh smell of morning air.

I then went to lunch with a couple of my favorite people and made a new friend 🙂

I spent the evening with another of my faves before heading home and watching Parenthood with the rooms.

The best of today is that I have clean sheets on my bed.  I am slightly obsessed with clean sheets.  Actually, more than slightly.  I love changing my sheets and making my bed.  I can’t stand when my sheets start to get wrinkly after several days of sleeping in them, and right now, they’re just so smooth and soft and clean and perfect.  I love it.


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