I am so tired.  At only 10:20, I can barely keep my eyes open…and honestly, I could barely keep my eyes open at 9:20.  This semester is helping me locate some reserve of unknown energy and endurance that I’m not sure I’ve ever really had to tap into before.

The best of today was when I got into my car, cranked it up and heard this song first thing.  I love Bruno Mars right now, and Just The Way You Are makes me so happy 🙂  It was definitely a nice surprise.  Then, later, when I got in my car to come home, Barracuda was the first song on the radio, which was equally, if not more, awesome 🙂  I love a good Heart song.  A song can change the pace of my day.  It can remind me to slow down, or it can give me a pep talk.  There’s something comforting in the embrace of a well-known, well-loved melody and something refreshing in the words of a new poet.


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