I am currently drowning in words, reading pages and pages written about research.  Not pages and pages of research, but pages and pages of stuff about research.  The waves are killing me tonight.

Today, my students shared some writing that we had been working on all week.  Some of them were silly, some of them were funny, but some of them exposed their hearts to the entire classroom, and I felt honored to have been a soul in the room as they did so.  I loved hearing what they had to say, and I loved that they had the courage to write things that were personal and close to their hearts.

The best of today, though was my dinner with my Lovey.  It was such perfect timing.  I needed those tears as much as I needed the joy of time with my best friend.  I love living, laughing and crying together.


One response to “02.02.2011

  1. thank you for crying with me. for loving me. for always being there.


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