Sunnyday is what today should have been called.  The weather outside was perfection illustrated.

As I was driving home to see my family, I couldn’t help but soak in the day.  Sunglasses on.  Windows down.  Sunroof open.  John Mayer blasting.  And then it happened.  I get this feeling sometimes when I’m driving, and it’s like there’s some perfect alignment somewhere.  I just want to keep on driving and wind up somewhere new.  The best of today is that feeling.  And it’s fleeting, that feeling.  Because as much as I want to see where the road will take me, I crash into reality and remember that I have a job to do.  I have students to teach.  I have a family to see and a dog to hug.  I have friends to stick around for.  And that feeling, that reminder that my reality is beautiful is almost as perfect as the original, fleeting one.


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