Today was lovely.

The weather was warm, and the kids were (mostly) subdued 🙂 Although it was a little boring giving a test in all of my classes, when the 9th graders were finished with their Lord of the Flies test, we got to watch a little bit more of R+J.

Today, I showed grace.  I listened and was compassionate to a student who had missed our class discussions on Antigone, but knew about the test all along, yet somehow, when the moment came said, “I wasn’t here the entire time you were reading this in class.”  Well, as someone in a graduate program, I thought, Um…well, you knew we were having a test.  And why didn’t you bring this to my attention yesterday? But as a human, who can empathize with another human who just had to make a trip to New York for his grandfather’s funeral, I said, “Okay.  Open your book and read Antigone all class period.”  And he did.

The best of today, though, doesn’t even have anything to do with school.  The best is that I saw Breakfast at Tiffany’s (my favorite movie) at The Strand off of the square with two of my favorite people.  I fell in love with this story the first time I saw it, and I don’t think that I could never see that movie too many times.


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