I felt so small today.

Trying to talk to a bunch 15-year-olds who were really more interested in their own conversations than what I had to say just took me there.  It was like I didn’t have a voice.

I couldn’t wait to leave the school today, which I don’t think has ever really happened before.  When I start to get down on myself, I remember all the things that I love, and I search for something.

The best of today was that I had an awesome discussion with my 9th grade class over Lord of the Flies.  Of course there were some who didn’t participate and some who didn’t care, but most of them were really attentive and engaged.  It was such a breath of fresh air to have the students’ attention all the way until the bell rang and even a few seconds after for some.

I’m choosing to remember today for its silver lining.


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