“good morning market buyers…”

9:00 hits, and they flood in like a river released from its dam. Buyers rush around spilling from booth to booth.  “I’ll take six of these, three of those.”  They flow through four buildings with teens of floors going up, up and out, out.

I love the market.  It’s exhausting and exhilarating.  I love the people and friendships that I’ve built there.  It’s such a unique family.

The best of today was when I went to go talk to my friend Jimmy (he’s from New York, and he sells beautiful nativities), and he told me that his wife is pregnant!  I could see the smile in his eyes before he even got the words out of his mouth, “Well, my wife is pregnant.”  I melted.  The next time I see Jimmy, he’ll have baby pictures to share, and I can’t wait to ooh and ahh over him or her.


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