I loved walking into the Britt house tonight.  It is a place that has been like a second home for me.  I was instantly greeted by hugs and kisses and “it’s so good to see you!”s, and I felt like I was coming home again.  I love the familiar voices and feelings of this family that is so much like my own.

The best of today was when I apologized to Rebekah’s granddaddy for my cold hands, and he replied with, “Well, at least your heart is warm.”  I love being with her grandparents. Their eyes are mirrors, reflecting the love that they’ve shared for decades.  Their smiles color their faces with joy from moments remembered and moments lived.  Their wrinkles are a map of their lives through building a family with children and grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Their faces tell their story.  And it’s a beautiful one.


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